Monoclonal antibody cloning and
sequencing from hybridoma

SynoGene provides fast and reliable services for antibody variable region cloning from hybridoma by 5’ RACE. Prioritized protocol and using high fidelity amplification enzymes ensure minimal mutations during amplification. Further, SynoGene can convert the cloned variable regions to scFv, Fab and full IgG according to your need, produce & purify them in a time manner, and delivery ready-to-test antibodies to you!

What We Do

- Extract and purify total RNA/mRNA from hybridoma
- Design primers
- PCR amplify antibody variable regions (both light & heavy chains) by 5’ RACE
- Clone PCR products and sequence antibody variable regions
- Clone antibody variable region DNAs into your preferred expression vectors (scFv, Fab or full IgG)
- Produce and purify scFv, Fab or full IgG

What You Get

- Cloned antibody variable region DNAs (light & heavy chains) on pUC vector
- Purified scFv, Fab or full IgG
- Report
- Assured confidentiality through a non-disclosure agreement (if necessary)


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